Finding Serenity

I spent Saturday in the backcountry of RMNP poking around to see what the recent storms have done to our snowpack.  It was great to get out with some old friends I haven’t ridden with much this year, and also show the ropes to a newer backcountry skier. We toured around Lake Hiyaha, scoping out some larger lines back in the basin and simply enjoying being outside with each other’s company. It was a fun day of skiing, but nothing too eventful occurred.

On our way home, our group began receiving texts asking us where we were and to please check in. We checked Facebook and found out why. Five snowboarders killed on Loveland Pass, only one survivor. This hit home pretty hard.

I looked to my friends on my left and right at the bar thinking about the ‘what ifs’. What if that was us? What if something like this ever happened? What if just one of us sitting at the bar that afternoon would be the only one to come back home? Continue reading Finding Serenity

Berthoud Powder Day

Here’s an edit from my good friend Alex Umbhau. We skied Berthoud Pass, and were pretty surprised by how much snow had falled. However, the snowpack was a bit touchy. We trigger a few small soft slabs and sloughs that ran on the old bed surface. Nothing that wasn’t manageable, but I would expect the danger to rise as the snow is still falling.

Winter in April from Alex Umbhau on Vimeo.