So It’s Been A While…

Since my last post about my trip to Moab, I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy. It wasn’t until last week that I noticed months had gone by without an update on my site.

I’m still on track with training for the Devil’s Mountain 50 Mile race and have been relatively injury free during training. Between the intense summer heat, Colorado wildfires, and general feeling of 24/7 exhaustion, there has been many days where finding the motivation to run has been tough. I’ve been on the verge of quitting many times, but have managed to pull myself back together. With one month of training left, I’m still running. Bec and I have had the opportunity to check out some amazing places on our runs, so here’s a brief summary of what’s gone down since May.

Running In Colorado National Monument. Turns out the desert can get unbearably hot and canyons turn into ovens.

For Memorial Weekend, we did a point-to-point trip on the Colorado trail in the Collegiate Peaks and met our friends halfway. It was difficult finding a place that wasn’t on fire or too smoky at this time.

A trip to the Point Breeze Cabin on Tennessee Pass for Bec and I for some downtime, running, and biking…

Lots of running…

Some mountain biking here and there…

A little fly fishing…

A trip to Beer Camp (another trip report coming eventually)…

Then off the the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (again more on this later)…

So this has been my summer in a nutshell. Between all the running and biking, I’ve been lucky so see quite a bit of Colorado this summer and this post only skims the surface!


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